Brett Finkelstein

Brett Finkelstein


Mr. Finkelstein leads all divisions of operations, business development, and construction as the Chief Executive Officer of CF Real Estate Services, Inc. Brett has served in this capacity since 2013 and continues to develop and grow in the multifamily industry. As CEO of one of the nation’s largest multifamily property management firms, Brett holds strategic roles influencing CF Real Estate Services’s growth and leadership.

Brett attended the University of Georgia and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance. After graduating, Brett started his career as an auditor of securities firms in 1998 with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). He formed Cocke Finkelstein, Inc. (CFI) in 2004 alongside Byron Cocke and acquired Lane forming CF Real Estate Services in 2013.

Executive Leadership

Brett Finkelstein


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John Eckel

Partner and Director, Capital Markets

Sharon Hatfield

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Mauck

Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Douglas

General Counsel

Alan Walsh

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Kevin Owens

Executive Vice President, Operations

Ian Bingham

Senior Vice President, Client Services

Ryan Nigro

Senior Vice President, IT

Investment and Development Leadership

Brett Oliver

Director of Development

Jeremy Furman

Vice President, Acquisitions

Paul Myslinski

Director of Finance

Tareka Smith

Corporate Controller

Management Leadership

Wendy Tucker

Senior Regional Vice President, Operations

Hollie Lawing

Regional Vice President

John Paulus

Regional Vice President

Ryan Perez

Vice President of Marketing

Scott Templeton

Vice President, Business Services

Nicole YeeSing-Batson

Controller, Property Accounting

Scott Haney

Director of Maintenance

Richard Shasteen

Risk Manager