Anahita Ghalandar

Anahita Ghalandar

Vice President, Asset Management

Ms. Ghalandar joined CF Real Estate Services in the summer of 2011 as a Manager for the Property Operations Department. In 2014, Ms. Ghalandar joined the investment team as an Asset Manager and managed a portfolio of approximately 1,800 units. As VP of Asset Management, Ms. Ghalandar is involved with the initial underwriting of new acquisitions, and oversees the asset management and day-to-day operations of approximately 10,000 institutional-quality units, from lease-up to value add. Prior to joining CF Real Estate Services, Ms. Ghalandar served as an Operations Manager at BSML, Inc.

Ms. Ghalandar attended California State University at Fullerton and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management and Operations.

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