CFI Announces Expansion of Campus First Student Living with the addition of the Principals of MVHP

CFI is growing again; Campus First Student Living welcomes principals of MultiVersity Housing Partners.

Atlanta, GA-- 10/28/16 –Cocke Finkelstein, Inc. (CFI), announces the expansion of their Campus First Student Living division through the addition of the former principals of MultiVersity Housing Partners, LLC (“MVHP”).

Campus First Student Living, has experienced solid success in the past year and is now proud to announce that the organization is expanding with the addition of the senior members of MVHP. CFI has incorporated the principals of MVHP, an existing company with a core focus on purpose built student housing. With the addition of these seasoned student housing professionals, the student division of CFI will continue to be known as Campus First Student Living with plans to expand its existing footprint at primary and secondary universities throughout the U.S. Campus First plans to immediately expand in university markets in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Tennessee. This new partnership should increase bed count by more than 2,000 in the near term; while focusing long term on the acquisition and third party management of student housing communities across the United States.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Cocke Finkelstein Inc. (CFI) is a privately held real estate and investment management firm, founded in 2004. Campus First and CFLane are affiliated management subsidiaries of Cocke Finkelstein. With the addition of MultiVersity Housing Partners, CFI is welcoming new team members including three senior leaders to the organization that bring more than 60 years of combined student housing experience.

Christopher Feeley, President of Campus First Student Living, brings more than 30 years of experience in commercial and multifamily real estate. Prior to joining Campus First, Mr. Feeley was the Managing Partner and Principal of MHVP for 7 years, acquiring over $1 billion of multifamily real estate.

Anthony Magnelli, Vice President of Business Development for Campus First Student Living, has 13 years of experience in his multifamily career. He most recently served as Principal for MVHP, and previously served as a Senior Regional Manager for a national student housing company and oversaw multiple student properties.

Leonard Wright, Vice President of Operations for Campus First Student Living, holds 9 years of management experience, with a strict focus on purpose built student housing. He was most recently served as Principal of MVHP, and previously serviced as a Vice President and Senior Regional Manager for a national student housing company and oversaw multiple student properties.

“I am very excited about the future of Campus First Student Living” Mr. Feeley stated. “The trajectory of this organization should rise exponentially in the next few years. Campus First plans to be one of the leading owners and property management companies in the U.S. over the next 24 to 36 months. With dedication to providing best in class services to investors, residents, vendors, and third party management partnerships, Campus First brings thoughtful leadership to student housing.” Mr. Feeley also stated, “We want the business to be accretive to our investors and clients while maintaining a very high level of service.”

Campus First is a boutique development, acquisition, and Management Company focused on providing an exceptional dedicated student housing experience. Benefitting from the success of a large established parent company, Campus First boasts investable capital to support the boutique approach that shall define its performance results.

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