Due Diligence

Close attention to accurate assessment and reporting is a key aspect of CF Real Estate Services’ commercial real estate management success. Our inspection and property assessment division delivers clear and precise reports that make it easy for owners, investors, and lenders to make sound decisions.

As a CF Real Estate Services client, you require—and deserve—a strong grasp of process and product, so that you can make the choices which will protect or increase the value of your assets. Our experienced team has inspected and reported on over 50,000 apartment units, including millions of square feet of commercial space, helping property owners, potential investors, and financial institutions successfully navigate the market.

Providing Essential Data

Through rigorous property inspection, we supply essential information about potential and existing assets to owners, investors, brokers, lenders, insurance companies, loan servicers, and government agencies. Data includes:

  • Current Physical Condition
  • Potential Problems or Liabilities
  • Unexplored Opportunities
  • Cost Estimates for Required and Recommended Work
  • Bids from Contractors

We leave no stone unturned. CF Real Estate Services equips owners, investors, and interested agencies with the vital information they need to fulfill due diligence, protect assets, and take advantage of prime opportunities.

Contact the inspection and property assessment team at CF Real Estate Services to discuss how we can help you explore your full potential.

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